I have no idea how the magic happens, and I have never understood how a picture fashions itself and finds its destiny. All I do is walk, walk and continue to walk in a quest to find what I have in mind, and indeed I carry a purpose — I know what I am looking for and then end up in that very moment. It’s not about the click of the shutter. There is a vision which is filtering all the irrelevant data and a purpose which fuels my passion with energy to keep looking for the photograph that I have in mind — or shall I say, the photograph already exists and is waiting for the photographer, but one can only make a picture of how one perceives the surroundings. I tell the story of the system through my photographs — the most essential, critical story of our time.

I saw this older man coming into the market, and I knew exactly what I was looking for. I moved back, staying at the corner of the alleyway and waiting for him to pass through the big billboard in front of the goldsmith shop. The young women depict the crux of the culture, where she is being brainwashed and conditioned to indulge in a lifestyle that is the only option for her. In fact, It’s a subconscious program that she has downloaded from her environment and parents. There is nothing intellectual about it. She is the carbon-copy of her parents and surroundings, and her conscious mind has hardly any influence on her actions. Science now tells us that our behaviours and actions are products of the subconscious mind which cannot differentiate between what is right or wrong; it can only play back what it has recorded over the years. Over 95% of the time, we operate from the subconscious mind, without being aware of it. People may think they have full authority in exercising their free will and that the choices they are making have no influence from the outside world. However, the truth is that they may be living a subconscious program — and all their choices and judgements are coming from within the program. They become addicted and enslaved to their subconscious program — they are living the Matrix; a prison exists within the mind. This is the comfort zone, and to entertain a new idea has a repellent effect — unless one becomes aware of the program and consciously works to override it with true data, information and knowledge. Otherwise, it is impossible to make sense of the truth with a faulty lens. To change the program, we must become aware of it by changing the source and continuously impress the truth upon the subconscious mind.

The moment the older man crossed the little finger of the model, I clicked the shutter — this is all he is worth. I froze that decisive moment to tell the story of Western civilization at a very critical juncture. There is no margin for error, and I create art within a fraction of a second. I knew I got the photograph. The little finger has no power and little value in our lives; in fact, we never notice it most of the time — and that’s what the elderly symbolizes in the West. It is a culture plagued by usury, which enforces a paradigm of scarcity, neglect and falsified debt. The young have little choice as they had to work to start paying off their debt, and that means they have no time to look after their elderly as they must leave their houses.

The little time that they may have is only for entertainment and parties so as to eliminate the frustration that they accumulated during work, so they cannot critically think for themselves and instead follow the herd blindly like sheep without purpose. Without the conscious mind, this is what a person becomes by living through a subconscious programme. These young people are just cogs in the system. The young women with all the right concerns have to leave so as not to miss the grand party tonight, which they may consider life itself. If the society becomes such that the lifestyles of the old and the young are entirely alien to each other, then we should ask some serious questions about the character of that society. A society dies when a walking stick and a mobility aid are the only company that the aged have, with no emotional quotient remaining for them, as if they don’t have any feelings or need necessary human empathy. These people are no use to the system, and those who could take care of them have no option but to serve the system. So the aged are left to die, and the young continue to rock and roll, drunk on a lifestyle that the system has conditioned them to believe in. For it, a human soul is not even worth a few pennies.

When I look at this photograph, I notice that it has emotional and thoughtful content, and it makes you wonder what the connection between the young lady and the older man is. I have been so correct over the years in noting how society is being transformed to accept a culturally-induced lifestyle that conflicts with nature. At the very heart of this man-driven craziness is usury, which the banking system uses as a tool to steal from the people. During the current alleged pandemic, these older people were all left alone to die, and thousands of them did die. I can feel the pain — those who understand this picture, bows to the photograph as it reveals the true side of the human consciousness and neglect. This photograph peers through the heart and human consciousness to make us think, cry and ask a simple question: why and what can be done to reverse engineer this fundamental cultural flaw? The truth is that this flaw is the byproduct of usury, which forces people to give value to the money, which the bankers create with the click of a button, so everyone has to work to generate interest for the banking system. For the longest time, money was available as easy credit, and the previous generations, without understanding the system, borrowed money from the future to have a temporary worldly comfort, enslaving their future generation in more debt. The debt compounded due to interest, which inflated the prices of all commodities and properties. Now, the young generation cannot even afford to buy/rent a house/flat in their own towns; they had to move out of their ancestral cities to survive. After all, for new money, someone has to work, and some resource has to be consumed for that money to become part of the circulation. As energy and resources (including human potential) are fading fast, there is little for the system to steal from the people and nations. Since the interest has been compounding over the years, a major chunk of money in circulation is now dedicated to serving the interest obligations, which is quickly depleting the money in the economy. This is the reason the interest rates have dropped over the years — just to sustain the system a bit longer. It’s only a matter of time before the usurious system collapses, and when it does, it will devastate human societies. The deprived, abandoned older man is just one aspect of the system’s corruption of human values and respect.

Now that I have learned to see with my heart and listen through my eyes, I stand in a class of my own. I freeze emotions through my camera and let the mind ponder the photograph so that the heart can see through the deception of the system. It’s a tool so powerful that a single photograph can change the human mindset and override a subconscious program; it has the power to transform the whole society. For all that I have become, I remain a lonely soul with a camera hanging off my shoulder, and the system knows that my art is the threat.



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